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Les passions de Carole Leuwe

Les passions de Carole Leuwe

Voyageons ensemble dans mes passions afin de découvrir de belles choses. #Cameroun #Promotion #Divertissements #Voyage Mes passions.....je les partage avec vous!

RIP Nelson Mandela : Tribute from Cameroon



The world at large is mouning a great icon since the announcement of the death of this truely inspirational leader : Nelson Madiba Mandela, the ever first black president of South Africa. He died at the age of 95 on december 5th,2013. Madiba dies after battling for chronic lung infections. The anthi aparthied icon died peacefully in his home in Johannesburg.





In Cameroon, where I come from, many artists found in Madiba a great deal and source of inspiration.

I invite you to pay hommage to one of the worlds greatest leaders of all time....... with a touch from Cameroon.

Koko Ateba 

Sam Fan Thomas

Petit Pays 


Miss Yayi


As the world celebrates a great leader, its our duty to make his legacy live endlessly! 



Some of his most famous quotes:

''Money can't create sucess, the freedom to make will''

''There is no such thing a spart freedom''

''A good heart and a good soul are always a formidable combination.''

Keep reading some of his quotes here...link


We love you Madiba! #RIP 

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