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Les passions de Carole Leuwe

Les passions de Carole Leuwe

Voyageons ensemble dans mes passions afin de découvrir de belles choses. #Cameroun #Promotion #Divertissements #Voyage Mes passions.....je les partage avec vous!

Music of the heart.....from Cameroon.

You can never deny that music is a  healing therapy.

The last time I came over here, it was ……what? 7 months ago? Ok I’m sure you have been wondering where I have been. Well, I was hooked up to music that have a soul….those that you can listen too days on end without being tired....

Music that talk,

Music that heals

Music that refreshes

Music that lives

I have a pile of them just for you……

Now if you promise you will be as excited as I was when I did discover them , then you are ready to be part of this new adventure that I wish to start with you.... again

Let’s start by discovering ………….. Nicole Obele link


Her voice is so powerful.......You may not understand what she says but for sure, the melody is a full potential for a quick recovery, no matter what you are going through....

I ain’t far away… coming up next  an exclusive interview done after the release of her first album entitled "suglu ning". 


You will get to meet the artist and discover her musical universe.


Enjoy the song! Welcome to my world of arts!

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