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Les passions de Carole Leuwe

Les passions de Carole Leuwe

Voyageons ensemble dans mes passions afin de découvrir de belles choses. #Cameroun #Promotion #Divertissements #Voyage Mes passions.....je les partage avec vous!

Best things come in silence.....2014


I am happy to be back here with my fellow readers !!!

I know,I know you were once more abandonned by me….can I once more say I am sorry?????    Please please please?

This year, there will be many innovations concerning the themes that we will work on. Women empowerement, leadership, health, IT, and the lattest baby ' My world of inspirers' a weekly presentation of young talented cameroonians that I admire...It's gonna  be real fun with a  pile of interesting stories just for you!!!

Thank you very much …..  

You know what? Here is a beautiful song by one of cameroonian’s greatest divas. She began more than 20 years back in a gospel choir before she met the great Manu Dibango ( yep the big Him) with whom she worked for over ten years  before going solo. Her debut album”SOKI'  with the hit song ‘Kuna’ was a great shot!!!

The second album 'LAFI' followed, then ‘AMAZING ENCOUNTER’ and finally ‘ BI MA WO’  in 2013,meaning hold my hand.

Today I wish to share one of the hit tunes of her 4th album that I cherish very very much!



Queen Eteme is her name….Happy new year once more to all .....


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